This Man Is Either A Fish Whisperer Or A Sorcerer, Grabs A Grouper By The Gills With His Bare Hands

I’m leaning towards him being a fish whisperer (specializing in Grouper) because magic is bullshit, but it’s healthy to maintain a certain level of imagination, ya know?

The fact that he’s able to get so close to the grouper isn’t all that weird, he’s diving right on top of the reef after all. But why the fish lets him obstruct his path with his hands, then grip on to his gills, that’s a mystery to me.

via Captain Jimmy Nelson

He’s gotta be a fish whisperer, no? I mean, there’s no other plausible explanation. Let’s examine it one final time in GIF:

What did I even just watch? I still can’t wrap my mind around how or why that fish allowed that to happen.

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