Guess which douchebag coach used a player’s death to support a rule change?

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A few weeks back, Cal defensive linemen Ted Agu collapsed and died during conditioning. It was shocking. It was tragic. Yesterday, a college football coach cited that death in reference to the new defensive sub rule. That man is a douchebag. That man is Bret Bielema.

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First, some background on the proposed rule in question. A defensive team would be given ten seconds to allow for substitutions. Most believe this is an indirect way of curbing tempo offenses. So yeah, guess who’s in favor of it? Yep, guys like Nick Saban and Bret Bielema.

Yesterday, Bielema commented publicly for the first time on the potential change.


Bret Bielema, not a keen observer of the human condition.


“I believe there is a greater risk of player injury.”
“I believe we are pushing young kids too hard with uptempo offenses.”
“The safety of our kids should be the NCAA’s #1 concern.”

All those arguments would have sufficed. All those arguments are better than “death certificates.”


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