This Guy Clearly Skipped D.A.R.E., Thinks He’s At A Rave In The Middle Of The Street

by 4 years ago


This guy either skipped D.A.R.E. or has willfully chosen to forget everything he learned during his classroom days of ‘Drug Abuse Resistance Education.’

And from now on when someone says ‘Turn Up’ is it so wrong that I’ll have the image of this man indelibly burned into my mind and Mr. Mackey’s voice ringing in my ears? Because let’s be honest, I love me some South Park and Mr. Mackey’s just a solid character.

Either way, bros, do NOT do what this guy is doing. It either leads to a) you get hit by a car and are paralyzed forever and possibly forced to shit into bags for the rest of your life…or b) you get stopped by the cops and have to go through central booking while high as fuck, which I can only imagine is as miserable of an experience as anything there is.



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