Guy crashes car into abandoned house and can’t be rescued because of bees

A Michigan man is dead after crashing into an abandoned house — full of bees.

The 54-year-old had an undetermined medical emergency behind the wheel which caused him to turn off the highway and straight into the empty house. Witnesses and first responders tried to save the man but couldn’t get close enough because of the massive swarm of bees inside and around the house.

“The house, we’re being told, has not been occupied for many years,” he said. “There were just large swarms of bees within the home. It was so infested, they couldn’t get to him.”

Pfau said those attempting to help the man then attached a tow strap to the vehicle and pulled it away from the home as Tri-Township firefighters and Saginaw County Sheriff deputies rushed to the scene.

After the car accident was cleared away, professional beekeepers were called to the scene to handle the hive (picture below) and prevent further human injury from the bees. The beekeepers estimated about 50,000 bees based on the size of the hive.

It’s unknown at this point whether the man died from the medical emergency, the crash or the bees. Any of the three is an awful way to go. Combining them all is downright torture.

via MLive

[via MLive]

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