Guy needs 1M likes on Facebook to convince girl to have sex

Just when you think you’ve seen everything on the Internet, a guy named Petter Kverneng and a girl named Cathrine Johansen have one-upped the world with a campaign to get one million likes on a photo to get her to sleep with him.

one million likes sex

Facebook/Petter Kverneng

The campaign began with a post on 4chan’s /b/ message board late Thursday evening. As of 9AM Eastern today, the Facebook image of the Norwegian duo has almost 570,000 likes and over 33,000 shares on Facebook.

Kverneng told Norway’s Verdalingen “It was meant as a joke for our group of friends. I had guessed that we’d got a hundred ‘likes’ but now, we have half a million.”

Comments on the post range from the supportive (“Respect, /b/ro. Very noble pursuit!”) to the horrified (“whores used to fuck for money but now they are doing it for Like…. unbelievable!”)to the practical (“You know, there’s way prettier girls who would ask for a lot less likes.”)

Kverneng and Cathrine have been friends since high school but, according to Kverneng, “have never been more than friends.”

Will Cathrine follow through if the post hits the one million like threshold over the weekend? I guess we’ll have to wait to see.

Regardless of the outcome, there is no way at all this reflects poorly upon anyone involved.

UPDATE: As of 10:52 AM Eastern, 52 minutes after we posted this, the likes skyrocketed to over one million. We’ll keep an eye on Kverneng’s Facebook page for updates.