Guy trolls Mark Cuban on Facebook. Cuban drops the bomb on him

Mark Cuban riled up the masses with this comment about the NFL: “It will implode in 10 years.” Cuban elaborated further on those comments with a detailed Facebook post. Of course, a myriad of trolls came out of the woodwork because that’s what trolls do. Cuban shut one of them down beautifully.

Poor Brennon, dude doesn’t even know he get SON’D. Anyway, back to Cuban’s points about the NFL. A lot of it falls on deaf ears because Cuban’s an NBA owner and because, yes, there is some competition there for TV ratings. His point on player safety is worth-noting though.

I wouldn’t want my son playing football, would you ? I’m sure helmet technology will improve over the next 10 years, but why risk it ? There are plenty of sports to play. Plenty of ways to get exercise and if my son decided to do anything outside of sports and never pick up any ball of any kind, I’m fine with that. I can think of 1k things I would prefer him to get excited about doing.

As far as watching, I good with that.

I don’t think I’m alone. If we start to see a decline of popularity at the high school and then college level because kids choose other sports, it will hurt the interest in watching the NFL

This isn’t new, it’s been said time and time again. But the more and more we hear it from people like Cuban, the more it seeps into the minds of mom’s and dad’s.

If little Jimmy ain’t playing football, then well, goodbye NFL.

Photo: Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports

H/t: Will Brinson