Guy tweets house break-in, stealing of Xbox, and eventual arrest

by 5 years ago



Criminals — not the smartest lot. I’m pretty sure the first rule of being a successful criminal is not to get caught. Tweeting out the crime breaks that rule.

Twitter user White Nigga (AKA @DaW0at_) live-tweeted a home invasion. He was going to break into a house but ONLY if he got twenty retweets.

// only jerkoffs would follow a guy named White Nigga, he got the retweets.

He wanted to keep his Klout score up so just 15 retweets and he’d take the guy’s Xbox.


The jerks came through again. Thankfully, the guy got caught.

I’m calling bullshit since I’m pretty sure a cell phone gets confiscated during an arrest for breaking and entering. Eagerly awaiting his tweeting of his arraignment.

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