The Guyism Top 20: Wrapping up the football weekend in GIFs

Every Monday we’ll give you the best, the worst, the highlights and the lowlights from the football weekend. If you think we missed something, tell us on Twitter.

20 Perhaps the worst DERP to ever DERP

Michigan QB Devin Gardner tried to be a hero. Instead, he handed Notre Dame six points.

19 Joique Bell HIP HOP HOORAY



Did Joique Bell just start a new Lions tradition?

18 Cue the circus music

A botched snap led to two easy points for the Jets. Points they would later need.

17 Jason Witten had nuggets for dinner

16 You see what had happened was

Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg had a great day Saturday against EMU. This, however, was not one of his highlights.

15 Clay Matthews thinks he’s superman

And this led to a brawl where Matthews threw a punch. But, hey, Ndamukong Suh is dirty you guys.

14 Getting juked twice on the same play?

That’s just embarrassing.

13 REMINDER: AP, pretty good at football

12 Notre Dame needs tackling clinic

11 Greatest TD celebration?

10 Reggie Bush is fast



Like parting the Red sea.

9 This one’s for the ladies

Tyson Jackson goes commando during football games cause that’s how he rolls.

8 Have we talked about this yet?

I feel like we haven’t said enough about this.

7 Ziggy Ansah with the ‘Azonto’

Ziggy busts out a traditional Ghanian dance.

6 Troy Polamulu

I think the Titans should change their snap count.

5 The Chain Gang is dangerous business

Terrelle Pryor dove for a first down and took out this poor old fella in the process.

4 I saw this in Varsity Blues

Remember when Billy Bob did this?

3 WTF Eminem?

2 Hustle play of the year

Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu ran down a Rams receiver and saved a sure touchdown. Those points proved critical as the Rams needed a field goal late to win the game.

1 Rams mascot with perhaps the greatest meltdown ever

The Rams were oh so close to pinning the Cardinals on the 1. Unfortunately, it was a touchback. The Rams mascot was not happy and melted down in hilarious fashion.