What happens when a bunch of cheerleaders lip-sync in bikinis?

I love “Starships” because I love Nicki Minaj. I love Nicki Minaj because I love big butts. I love big butts because I cannot lie. Which somehow brings me to this video of the Toronto Argonauts cheerleader video—one of those where they lip-sync.

Sure, Starships came out in 2012. So? Stop complaining.

Here’s an important ranking of the cheerleaders in this video.

6. Girl that’s crazy hot

Argonauts cheerleaders

5. Fat-armed girl

Argonauts cheerleaders

4. Girl with hole in her daisy dukes

Argonauts cheerleaders

3. Girl who’s clearly an attention whore

Argonauts cheerleaders

2. 2 girls, 1 butt


1. Girl with big personality