Harvard hiring a few good men…to pay $16 to update Wikipedia


The job market is brutal but a few places are hiring. Harvard is hiring. They need Wikipedia help.

The Ivy League school posted a job for an in-house Wikipedia updater to help “expand coverage on Wikipedia of topics relevant to Houghton (Library) collections.” Esquire has a little more on the prestigious but poorly paid gig but here’s something interesting from the actual job listing:

BA. Candidate must be a registered Wikipedian in good standing, with substantial experience in writing and  editing Wikipedia articles, and possess knowledge of Wikipedia standards, culture, and rules.

Is a Wikipedian a real thing? Like a Trekkie or a Whovian? Do they hold conventions where people dress up like their favorite Wikipedia entry? I want tickets.

So, to recap, the potential candidate gets paid to update Wikipedia all day. Plus, you can tell people you work at Harvard. It will probably get you laid and it’s also an experience to add to your own Wikipedia page.

Though people will probably refute and amend the part about you getting laid. You’ll need to cite sources.

Harvard Wants to Pay You $16 an Hour to Add Stuff to Wikipedia [Esquire]