Hero bachelor pioneers flawless technique of asking girls out

What better way can there possibly be to ask a woman out than use her own advice? This hero bro goes around asking girls for advice on how he should ask a girl out, only to then use that very same advice against them. Check mate. Game over. This dude wins it all.

Firstly, this dude starts things off with the perfect ice-breaker of asking a girl for her advice/opinion on something. This approach will never fail. Women love giving men advice, and they do it so effortlessly that they’re not thinking about the possibility of you hitting on them as they’re spewing off the many things they think you should be doing differently.

Then he follows up with the unsuspecting K.O. of using their own advice on them, bravo! Guys, go try this, it will work. Just don’t wear your boxer-briefs to the beach like this bro.