Heroes: HS football team saves child from possible abduction

by 6 years ago

A young boy was watching a Fenton High School (MI) football practice when he was approached by a creepy, middle-aged man. The frightened boy screamed for help and the football team came to his rescue.

“The man was gesturing trying to get the kid to come over,” said JV football player Andrew Moore. “The kid went behind me and said ‘Please don’t let him take me’ and I’m like, “We won’t, bud’.” So we all tell him to get out of here, go away.”

“We got between him so he could not get to the little kid then he ran off,” said JV football player Brandon Muma.

“We chased him out of there,” said Wright. “I took pictures of his license plate.”

Police caught up with the man some time later. No word on whether an arrest was made.

We’ve had some unfortunate stories lately about high school football players—cyber bullying, rape, hazing, etc. Refreshing to hear something positive, something heroic.

Good on you Fenton!