One girl’s vagina will stay pristine thanks to the NFL Draft

In the ever important news cross-section that is the NFL Draft and women’s vaginas, a woman’s bet on Twitter won’t be paid off thanks to the first round of the yearly college player selection process.

Beleaguered former Heisman candidate Tyrann Mathieu, also known as “The Honey Badger”, was projected by NFL Draft experts as a likely third-round draft pick. But with some players going far higher than expected for no particular reason, there was a chance Mathieu could have snuck into the first round.

LSU student and Twitter user @katiemchan tweeted last night:

Fortunately, no one took a flier on the former LSU defensive back. Chandler’s vagina tattoo future will remain up in limbo until the NBA Draft, presumably.

Spoiler alert: Based entirely on looks, you’d probably be curious about news around Katie’s vagina.