10 horrifying scenes that should have never been in a kid’s movie




Even though kid’s movies are made with a certain age in mind, film makers usually throw in jokes, characters or even entire scenes strictly for the amusement of adults.

Here are some kid’s movies with scenes that are even a little too dark for viewers 18 and over.

10. Home Alone

Remember how creeped out you were by the South Bend Shovel Slayer in Home Alone? Thank god he was around because the most terrifying part of the movie was when Marv and Harry finally catch Kevin and start talking about the horrifying things they’re going to do to him. Harry’s first plan of action is to bite off every one of Kevin’s fingers! He went from petty thief to cannibalistic psychopath way too easily.

9. Up

It starts out as we watch a happy, young couple living a joyous life just like Bon Jovi made us all believe was possible. Oh look, now they’re having a baby! Wait, no. She’s weeping in the hospital and isolating herself from the world! Now you have to explain what a miscarriage to your children. Good luck with that. To top it all off, less than 3 minutes later, we’ve fast-forwarded to the couple in the golden years of their lives only to see the wife giving up in a hospital bed. Maybe she’ll get better? NOPE! It’s the old man sitting alone after her funeral. So glad we picked this for family movie day!

8. An American Tail

The entire freaking movie is horrible! This pitiful mouse lives in torment and desperately tries to escape by fleeing to America, the land of no cats. But guess what? THERE ARE SO MANY CATS! Basically the message of this movie is that life is miserable and everything is a lie.

7. Pinocchio

Sure Pinocchio escaped the donkey slave island and we all celebrate as he lives happily ever after with an old man obsessed with puppetry, but what about all the other boys that had been transformed? Do we just assume they lived on in misery for the rest of their awful lives? Good to know they’ll be forgotten forever.

6. The Goonies

The Fratellis end up capturing Chunk and begin interrogating him. When his child-like mind doesn’t produce the answers they want, Mama Fratelli demands that his hand be shoved into a running blender and try to cut it off like a scene out of Saw VI. I never wanted to go on another adventure for the rest of my life.

5. Toy Story 3

The gang has made some wrong decisions and end up looking into the face of an incinerator. They struggle to escape, but upon realizing it’s impossible, the group joins hands and prepares to die together! Why??? No child wants to see their favorite animated characters lowered into hell!

4. Gremlins

I realize that Stripe was the bad guy and needed to be destroyed, but good lord, did it have to be so graphic? It’s not just a death, but we have to watch as his skin begins to bubble up with blisters and then violently melts off the bone like he just looked at the Ark of the Covenant. Thanks for that, guys.

3. Neverending Story

So Atreyu is working his way through the swamp of sadness when his beloved horse Atreyu suddenly stops. What’s the problem, you ask? Oh he’s just sinking into the sludge and slowly being lowered to his death while a young boy screams and begs for his survival. No amount of therapy will ever purge that image from your mind.

2. Honey I Shrunk The Kids

The animation is completely laughable now, but at the time it was horrifying seeing this sweet little ant, that had befriended the kids, be murdered by a vicious scorpion. Hey, Rick Moranis, about some pest control so you don’t have deadly scorpions all over your yard?

1. Land Before Time

So instead of just implying Little Foot’s mother died and then letting her spirit guide him, we get this two minute scene of a youngster sitting next to his mom and watching the life leave her body. The worst part is that he doesn’t even comprehend death so we witness his life just falling apart before our eyes. Hooray kids movies!

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