Hot German girl takes beer bath in 15 cases of Budweiser

by 6 years ago

A hot girl taking a bath is great, and beer is great, so a hot girl taking a bath in beer has to be mind blowing, right? You be the judge as this girl sits around in 4000+ ounces of a Budweiser bath

I think Tipsy Bartender misunderstood the concept behind the German beer pools. Those are filled with warm, watered down wart, not cold Budweiser. While an ice cold Bud Heavy certainly sounds refreshing on a hot day, getting into a bath of it sounds terrible. The video itself was a bit of a letdown, but so rarely do I get the opportunity to post beautiful women under the food/alcohol banner that I had to seize the day.

And before you ask, Tipsy Bartender wants to assure everyone that this wasn’t sponsored by Budweiser. I guess America’s best known beer brandmust have been on sale at Costco this week.

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