How to make a perfect Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s rules the road when it comes to fast food breakfast, but sometimes I’m too hungover to even make it out the door. Thankfully their Executive Chef, yes, they have one of those, Dan Coudreaut is willing to teach us how to make them.

Before you race to comments to bitch about me saying McDonald’s is the best, save it. I don’t want to hear about Burger King Croissan’wich or Long John Silver’s Cod Omelet. McDonald’s sales are fictionally 100x that of its nearest competitor.

I think we all knew that making an Egg McMuffin wasn’t that tough, and I’m sure you’ve all done something similar before. That doesn’t mean a few helpful hints don’t go a long ways. I’ve been cooking for years and had completely forgotten about the old “water in the pan” trick. And spatula work and sheer determination won’t get you that thick egg patty. Unfortunately, the real beauty of the sandwich comes from not having to do a damn thing. That and the oddly shaped chuck of potato in a paper sleeve that accompanies it.

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