How to make a self-freezing Coke slushie in 3 seconds

Is it magic or science? Either way, you can turn a perfectly normal looking Coke into a delicious self-freezing slushie in a matter of seconds with this easy trick. Of course that’s a few seconds after a few hours in the freezer.

I don’t drink many Slurpees these days, but it’s nice to know I could make my own with ease. Those machines at 7-11 always suck and aren’t frozen enough anyway, so why bother? Next time I’m in NYC I’m going to stick a 2-liter in a buddy’s freezer for a few hours, then casually walk past Mayor Bloomberg sipping out of my 68 ounce deliciously sugary drink with a swizzle straw. That will show him what I think of his stupid jumbo drink ban.