How to stand out at the beach this summer

Beach image by Shutterstock

It’s summer and it’s time to hit the beach. Bring your friends, some beers, and the essentials (sunscreen, surfboards, frisbees). There’s not much to say about dressing for the beach, in short: less is more. But there are some cool brands that are making board shorts, tanks, and t-shirts that are cooler than the others. Here’s a look at some of the brands and their best summer offerings. So take a look and take our advice, you’ll be happy you invested in some quality shorts and shirts to help you stand out at the beach.

Mollusk Boardshorts


Lightning Bolt tank: $26, Mollusk boardshorts: $69, Piz Buin sunscreen

Mollusk is a brand designed by surfers for surfers. Their first store opened in San Francisco in 2005 and they’ve recently expanded to the surf mecca of Venice Beach. While other brands may have more money invested in the pro-surf circuit, few young brands know the surf community better than Mollusk.

Havaianas Sandals


Havaianas Sandals: $24, Lightning Bolt T-Shirt: $35, Lightning Bolt trunks: $88

Hailing from the scorching beaches of Brazil, Havaianas are made for the sand. These aren’t very good for long hikes around the city but are perfect to get from your beach blanket to the bar and back.

Lightning Bolt Tank


Lightning Bolt tank: $26, Pro Kadima paddle set: $6.99, Saturdays trunks: $65

This legendary surf company pioneered board designs that made big waves rideable. Many of the great surfers of the 70’s rode Lightning Bolt boards and as a result their apparel line took off. Recently Lightning Bolt has reemerged and their designs are rooted in their rich history. This is by far the most interesting surf brand right now.

Von Zipper Sunglasses


Lighning Bolt tank: $26, J.Crew boardshorts: $54.50,
Von Zipper Lomax sunglasses: $100

A staple amongst the surf crowd who live in sun drenched locales. Von Zipper are known for their lenses and modern surf style. These are more common on the west coast but you’ll be glad you’ve got them on any hot beach.

Saturdays Boardshorts


Saturdays board shorts: $75, Sunglasses: $134, Timex watch: $98, Uniqlo t-shirt: $9.90

A company that started in downtown NYC as a board maker and coffee shop. They’ve expanded their retail line, which now includes surf gear as well as street wear. Saturdays juxtaposes classic surfer mentality with New York design aesthetic.

Miansai Bracelet


Lightning Bolt pants: $99,Miansai bracelet: $95, Mollusk T-shirt: $28

Miansai makes very simple, very subtle braided leather and fabric bracelets. Perfect for the beach, they add a little bit of casual color that acts as a reminder that you’re on vacation; so relax.

Lightning Bolt T-Shirt


Lightning Bolt t-shirt: $40, Lightning Bolt board shorts: $59, Jawz Frisbee

Another offering from Lightning Bolt, a retro look from their 1970’s heyday. Whether it’s boardshorts, t-shirts, tanks, or pants you can’t go wrong picking up a piece from this storied brand.