HTC mini, a handset for your cellphone

This is how you know the size of smartphones has gotten completely out of control: HTC has debuted a tiny little candybar phone that pairs with the Droid DNA to… well to make phone calls.

htc mini


The idea is that instead of pulling the five-inch monster out of your pants to take a call, you pull the HTC mini out of your shirt pocket instead. What you get for your money is a phone that takes calls, shows text messages and emails, and can serve as a remote while paired with your phone if your phone is hooked up to a TV>

To be fair, for people who toss their phone in a briefcase or purse and don’t want to root through it when it starts ringing, this might be useful. And currently, it’s only available in China, which has a tendency towards overkill when it comes to putting phones on phones anyway.

Still, we had to spend a little time to confirm from multiple sources that this wasn’t just an Onion article. There are no US release plans. Yet.

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