Hungriest Stingray In The Ocean Jumps Onto Dock For A Meal



Typically when a marine creature leaves the water it’s to escape a predator in desperation, but here we see the greediest and hungriest stingray in the ocean jumping on to a dock for an easy meal.

The average lifespan of a stingray in the wild is 15-25 years, and by the looks of this one it’s pretty full grown. My guess is that for the past 10+ years this stingray has been sticking by this dock mooching meals off the fishermen’s by-catch and delighting tourists. One thing is for certain though: this is both the hungriest and the greediest damn stingray in the ocean.

via happyplace

This stingray is so damn trained (and desensitized to humans) that it’s willing to force the hand and demand a meal. It’s all rather impressive.

Could you imagine if we lived in a world where humans got what they wanted by splashing around like this greedy little bastard? Just watch this GIF and try to picture it:



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