Dude From Massachusetts Catches 900+lb Bluefin Tuna, Saves It From Being Eaten By Great White Shark

So here we’ve got a dude reeling in a 900+lb Bluefin Tuna in less than 20 minutes, even after a great white shark shows up to scare the crap out of the fish.

Just go ahead and take in the awesome size of that fish for a moment before watching the video. The video itself, from Reddit user typhoonfish, is a little over 18 minutes and a pretty good fight. Just before the 8min mark is when they fishermen spot the great white shark and the fish takes off for the horizon. Enjoy:

I haven’t yet had the privilege to catch a tuna. I’ve caught many pelagic species (blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, mahi, etc) but all species of tuna have evaded me throughout my life. Videos like this make me ask myself: When is my time? When do I just break the bank and drop $$$ on a charter for one of these giant bluefin tuna? Or even for its smaller cousin, the yellowfin? When?!?

But that’s the allure of fishing, right? Always another conquest in the future…

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