i-FlashDrive HD: Puts your iPhone files on a physical hard drive

One of the problems with owning an Apple product is that if you ask it to just hand over a few files because you want to put them somewhere else, it goes off into the corner and sulks outside of a few very limited circumstances. If you’ve got a lot of family photos or music on your iPhone, this is an incredible pain in the ass. The i-FlashDrive, on the other hand, isn’t.



The i-FlashDrive is actually useful well beyond just storing files. It has a 30-pin connector on one end and a standard USB connector on the other, so moving files around is as simple as plug, transfer, switch, plug.

But if you just want to, say, watch a movie off the drive, it has software to handle that. It’ll back up your contacts and restore them if something happens to your phone. It’s even got a document reader and encryption software, so you can put stuff for work on it, read it on your iPhone, and not worry about it.

It starts at $99 for 4GB of storage.

i-FlashDrive [PhotoFast]