This Indian Ferris Wheel Reminds Me How Big Of Pussies We’ve Become In America



This video taken of an Indian ferris wheel (and the acrobatic operators) at a fair in India is a glaring reminder that we’re living in an America where legislation is dictated by massive pussies, and rules are in place to stop anything and everything.

Never, not in any possible scenario, would you see two guys here in America doing anything like the ones in the center of this ferris wheel. Are these dudes insane? Probably not. They’re just not massive pussies who are constantly told they need to keep it in line. Is what they’re doing dangerous? Perhaps, but not to the point where anyone should stop them from doing it, because it’s awesome.

So, here it is…watch and think about all the awesome things we can’t do here because of pansy ass rules:

This move alone would get a state fair shut down permanently:




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