iPotty, because toddlers, iPads, and toilets all mix really well

I fortunately do not have a toddler. I say “fortunately” because, among other things, those little monsters can pee. Seriously, your average toddler has a pretty surprising range and shockingly good aim for a tiny creature.

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I bring this up not as a form of contraceptive, but to explain my profound skepticism about the iPotty, the latest argument that maybe this iPad thing has gone a little too far.

The basic idea behind the iPotty is that you can make teaching a small child to not take a dump in their pants fun by adding an iPad.

So, basically, you can take toddlers, noted for their ability to smear their digestive byproducts on just about anything, sit them down in front of a $500 device where they’re supposed to leave said digestive byproducts, and they’re supposed to be distracted while going to the bathroom.

I can see a few things wrong with this plan.

But, hey, at least you can teach your kids the etiquette of using a cell phone on the john early in life, important skills that they will need when entering the working world.

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