Is this the dumbest thing ever said by someone with a functioning brain?

I can’t tell if this is a joke. I can’t tell if we’re getting trolled by First Take, the worldwide leader in trolling. Nobody could be this stupid, right? Right?


Oh God, this is real? He actually said that? Alright then, we need to ask some important questions.

1) Should ESPN ramp up their drug testing?

2) Is that really coffee in Merril Hoge’s mug?

3) How many concussions has Merril had?

4) What did Merril get on the Wonderlic?

5) Is this like the movie Ghost, where Skip Bayless takes over the body of Merril Hoge like Swayze did to Whoopi?

6) Am I taking crazy pills?

And lastly, I want the ganj that Merril’s smoking. Must be some sweet, sweet stuff.

Photo via Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports