Is this the greatest selfie of the year?

The selfie has become such a mainstay in our culture because we are narcissistic people who only care about ourselves and we never get tired of looking at our own dopey face. So in an age when the President of the United States, cartoons, and even the Pope is doing selfies then you’re really got to do something spectacular to make your pic stand out and I think this guy did just that. This gentleman took a photo of himself in a bathroom, but honestly who hasn’t taken a quick snap at the urinals to see if your coworker is packing as much as he says he is. While in the public restroom he was joined by these two lovebirds who were inhaling the lustful pheromones that prompted them to passionately make love or it just could have just been the fragrant fumes of a recent Taco Bell Volcano Nacho dump that was still fresh in the air. Whatever the reason for this public display of affection this voyeur got a superb selfie for him to thoroughly review later when he’s home in his room by himself. I do have to give the guy credit for not slipping on the three-day old urine pool on the tile floor.

Staged? Probably. Still funny? Yea.