The evolution of PC game graphics, in a very long highlight reel

PC game graphics have made some significant strides over the past 14 years. But are you willing to sit through a two plus hour long YouTube to watch it all unfold?

The following complies all the demos that Nvidia used to flex their graphics cards. If anything, it’s a fascinating glimpse at what we used to considering cutting edge, and not just with technology. Remember when The Matrix was a thing? Yup.

It’s also a great reminder of how we have only just gotten realistic hair down pat. Plus there’s highlights from various landmark releases, at least when it comes to visuals, like Doom 3, Half-Life 2, and Just Cause 2

Now, I seriously don’t expect most people to actually sit and watch the entire thing. But then again, the football season is officially over with, right?

And for you PC nerds out there who will indeed watch the entire thing: sorry, but no ATI/AMD demos are included. And yes, that’s lame, cuz their demos were indeed the coolest.