It’s the Harlem Shake with a bunch of random video game characters

by 6 years ago

It’s for people who actually “get” the latest craze on the internet. Which I don’t. Then again, I never understood Gangnam Style either.

I came across the following the other day, and was totally confused. Perhaps it’s bad to admit the following, given that I get all my news and entertainment from the internet, but I had no idea what the Harlem Shake was. And after doing a fair amount of research, I still don’t get it. But my editor thought it might be such a bad idea to share it anyway, plus it IS fairly red hot at the moment…

… Courtesy of NMATV, otherwise known as the Taiwanese CGI news crew. They clearly had a bunch of computer models lying around, from various parodies Skyrim, Borderlands, Tekken, and Diablo parodies, or something like that.

But yeah, this Harlem Shake thing is a seriously big deal. If you look on YouTube, there are tons of videos using Call of Duty alone. Here’s just one random example (which might cause a epilepsy, so be warned)…

Given the overwhelming amount of positive comments found in every example, all I can say is that I’m officially getting old.

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