The most beloved guy in all of video games: Shigeru Miyamoto

by 6 years ago

Even if you recognize the name Shigeru Miyamoto as the man who created Mario, Link, and so much more, how much do you really know about him? Well, time for a history lesson.

It’s along the same vein as the one that covered Gabe Newell, which makes sense, since it’s by the same folks

It cannot be overstated how flat out essential Miyamoto is to the lifeblood of Nintendo. Without him, they would be totally screwed. Hell, the only reason why many people continue to purchase their disappointing and frustrating hardware is because of his games. Period.

I do not own a Wii U yet, nor am I looking forward to, but I’m still getting one anyway. When exactly? When Pikmin 3 finally comes out. Speaking of, bonus vid time…

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