Ja Rule to write prison inspired microwave cookbook

Colin Joliat

I’m going to be out of a job if Ja Rule has his way. The rapper turned convict is hoping to release a new cookbook with the skills he learned while incarcerated. I assume it will be titled Prison Rules.

No, I’m not talking about shank making skills or creative body-weight workouts. Apparently Ja Rule became a gourmet microwave chef while he was locked up, and he wants to share his recipes with the world.

I never knew that prisoners had access to a full kitchen and a microwave to whip up lasagna and cheesecakes, but I guess that’s the downside to never being arrested. I just don’t know what options are out there.

Ja Rule’s still-to-be-written cookbook is sure to be a best seller, rivaled only by hood classic, Cookin’ with Coolio. We can only sit back and wait for the beef to heat up. Unfortunately they have very different cooking styles, so were not likely to ever discover who’s the better broaster.

via Time, tip of the chef’s hat to Johnny B.