Jameis Winston will NOT be charged with sexual assault

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will NOT be charged with sexual assault per ESPN. This, after an extensive investigation by the Florida State attorney.


As legal pundits weigh in, it’s clear that the Florida state attorney did not believe he could get a conviction. Part of that may be due to the alleged victim’s inconsistent story.

The search warrant affidavit, obtained Thursday morning by FOX Sports 1, details her allegation that she was sexually assaulted by someone she did not know – and that she was so impaired that she was unable to tell a detective where the incident occurred. She told the detective that she was with friends who left and she had only hazy recollections of details after that…
“Her memory is very broken from that point forward,” a detective wrote in the document. “She remembers being in what she thinks is a cab” with a “non-descript” African-American man “in the back seat with her.”

Winston could still be charged at a later date, but for now, he’s in the clear.