Jamie Foxx turns unsexy words like ‘cheesecloth’ into racy lyrics for sultry song

Jamie Foxx is known for being a great actor, stand-up comedian, singer, songwriter and musician, but in this funny skit he wears all of those talented hats for one stupendous song. Foxx was on Friday night’s Jimmy Fallon where he accomplished the impossible, he made the word “mulch” sexy. The actor took to the piano to showcase his musical talents where he sang a song where all the lyrics were unsexy words, but the sensuous Foxx made them pretty titillating. Foxx does make a great point during his song that “There is nothing sexy about a staycation,” and I never knew how sensual the word “Birkenstocks” could be.

Foxx, who plays Electro in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” also told the story of how he danced with Pharrell and General Colin Powell in the Hamptons. He then taught Jimmy the prolific dance moves and also threw in an impression of Bill O’Reilly.