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by 5 years ago
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Justified GIF


Prepare yourself for the Season 4 premiere of Justified with today's Guyism Animated GIF Anthology.

Back to the first scene of the show--the first "Justified" killing if you will.

Followed by the last scene of season three. A scene where Winona finally figures who Raylan's father was shooting at.

The lovely and at times violent Ava Crowder.

One, if not the most gruesome GIF from the show---when Quarles was disarmed.

The beginning of the Boyd-Raylan feud.

The double gun pull!

Amount of f-cks given? Zero.

My how far these two have come.

Yea, Raylan's shoots women too.

And he doesn't give a shit about the disabled.

Ava = American badass.

Raylan's "aw shucks" face.

Sir, that's racist.

Raylan doesn't think much of Dewey.

A departing shot of Winona.

This one's for the ladies.

Tim curiously approves of shirtless Raylan.

Ava and Boyd showing off some moves.

What'd you say?

Don't touch the man's hat.

A drinking man with a shooting problem.

Like I said, Ava is an American badass.

Speaking of Raylan's hat.

A little help from a friend.

Adorbs right? Two killers in love.

The Dewey Crowe missed high five.

Is that in Harlan county?

Boyd has no more use for you Devil.

Which devolved into some baby making.

Raylan Givens, reckless driver.

Raylan Givens, funny guy.

Yea, you had that one coming.

A scathing accusation.

Yes, yes he can.

Yea, well, you should be.

Good question.

Yes, those killings were indeed "Justified."

Well, she makes a good point.

You were saying...

Boyd's a Jedi Master.

A foreshadow perhaps?

GIF credit: It was Justified, Tumblr

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