Kaley Cuoco plays Catch Phrase on ‘Ellen’

Kaley Cuoco spent a few minutes on The Ellen Show making ridiculous animal noises while playing with Ellen’s new app, “Heads Up.” The good news is, Kaley Cuoco clearly doesn’t know anything about crabs!

I’m ashamed to admit that I like Ellen. I don’t watch her show, but of all the daytime lady jibber-jabberers, she is clearly the best. I can’t get behind her “Heads Up” app though. I thought it was going to be some awesome version of the childhood game “Heads Up, Seven Up.” Samsonite? I was way off! It turns out it’s just Catch Phrase with a video camera. It was fun to watch Kaley Cuoco struggle to be a seal and a crab, so it at least has some merit. She’s clearly not the smartest monkey.