Katherine Webb dedicated her ‘Splash’ dive to Brent Musburger


ABC’s much-anticipated celebrity diving show, Splash, debuted Tuesday, and viewers were treated to multiple Katherine Webb bikini shots. She even dedicated her appearance to Brent Musburger. Check out more of Katherine Webb and a hilarious Louie Anderson moment in our roundup.

15 Way to not sexualize her ABC

14 Get a good last look A.J.

13 From one disrobing GIF

12 To another

11 She’s like a mermaid

10 Ndamukong Suh belly flop

9 This show is about diving right?

8 Parental guidance suggested


7 The proper way to get out of the pool

6 That’s just a crappy dive

5 Cosby Show’s Rudy all grown up


4 You’re a hero Katherine Webb


3 You’re not Louie

2 Katherine Webb strutting her stuff


1 Louie Anderson couldn’t get out of the pool