Sports memes, screencaps and GIFs of the week


Katherine Webb on Splash, a Hooters ball girl pulls a Bill Buckner and March Madness bloopers highlight this week’s edition of sports memes and GIFs.

25 Your real national champs—the Oregon cheerleaders

24 Doug Gottlieb’s new avatar courtesy of Guyism


23 Jim Boeheim FAIL

22 R.I.P. Jason Terry

21 No ice cream for you

20 The Craig Sager bracket tie

19 Katherine Webb shined on Splash

18 Ndamukong Suh did not

17 Fan of the day of the year


16 The mother of all flops

15 Unnecessary lob

14 Hooters girl pulls a Bill Buckner

13 Lindsey Vonn’s pumped about her relationship with Tiger

12 A WWE clothesline

11 Huh?

10 He’s joining the ballet soon

9 Fan goes into seizure after goal


7 Who’s ready for the R.A. Dickey knuckleball?

6 Now that’s a photobomb

5 Redfoo wants to play in the U.S. Open


4 That’s a 6-footer dunking with authority

3 Solid blooper for a made-up sport

2 Troll so hard Marshall Henderson

1 Ending with a nutshot seems appropriate

(via The Big Lead)