Kayakers get too close to whale, end up getting stuck on top of the whale

If you’re out kayaking and you see a whale it’s ALWAYS advisable to keep your distance, for the safety of both you and the whale.

But, if you’re like this Argentinian couple and feel the need to get right on top of the whale you may end up with more than you bargained for….

‘Hey guys, we had such a great paddle today. We ended up getting stuck on top of a whale! Can you believe it?’….’You mean you got stuck out in the water between some whales?’….’Nope, it lifted us right the f*ck out of the water and held us there for a while because we’re terrible human beings and like to harass any and all animals we see in the wild!’

That’s exactly how this couple’s conversation went later in the day. Didn’t you fools see Blackfish? These aren’t single-celled organisms. Give them some damn space, a$$holes.


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