Kid turns dad’s passport into art project, gets family stranded in Korea

via India Today

A 5-year-old boy went Jackson Pollack on his old man’s passport. His art caused the family to get stranded in a strange land.Here’s the story from India Today:

A Chinese man and his four-year-old son are stuck in South Korea because the boy, apparently in the mood to do some drawing, used his father’s passport as a drawing book and drew some very cute drawings on it. The child used his father’s passport as a colouring book and coloured his father’s eyes and also drew him some whiskers and a beard.Now, both of them are stranded in South Korea with their chances of returning home being slim to none.

“Very cute drawings”? Seriously? That’s garbage kid. You’re four. You’ve got nothing better to do all day but practice drawing. That passport should look like a Thomas Kincade for christ’s sake!

[via Hypervocal]

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