Kids being awesome, WTF pics, Melanie Iglesias and more are winning the Internet today

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

This Boubonic Plague Island Can Now be Yours!


Huffington Post

The “world’s most haunted island” seems like a nice getaway spot.
Boubonic Plague Island to be Auctioned Off as Location For Luxury Hotel

Kids Being Awesome


The Chive

They’re like fun little drunk college students.
Kids are a Whole Different Kind of Animal (35 Photos)

We Always Need New Reasons


Ariel Meredith in Bikinis


SI Extra Mustard

There’s a whole lot of “DAYUM!” going on here.
SI Hot Clicks

A Russian Firefighter Being a Russian Firefighter



Even the firefighters over there are apparently batshit.
Here’s a Russian Firefighter Riding a “Magic Carpet” Powered By Fire Extinguishers

Life, Death, & Backstrokes

Yari is Back and ‘Uncensored’


Gorilla Mask

Despite what her shirt might say. (Yes, at one point she had a shirt on.)
Yari (NSFWish)

Google’s Getting Drones



Pretty soon they’ll just buy America and start calling it Panem.
Now Google’s Getting Drones

Matt Harvey’s New Model Girlfriend


Busted Coverage

First Anne V and now her? Dude’s got game.
Meet Asha Leo – Matt Harvey’s New Model Girlfriend

Yet Another Reason to Change Offensive Team Names


Fox Sports Buzzer

Just change your damn team names already.
Study: Teams With Native American Mascots End Up Losing Millions

Sounds About Right


Your Daily Dose of WTF


Bro My God

Can PETA also comdemn other animals, because, uh…
Daily WTF: Ummmm It’s One of Those Days…

Melanie Iglesias’s Yoda Shirt is Amazing


MTV Guy Code

And just wait until you see this in bouncy GIF form!
Melanie Iglesias’s Yoda Shirt is the Best Yoda Shirt

If Legendary Rock Bands Had Icons



Guess which band this would be?
If Legendary Rock Bands Had Icons [24 Photos]

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


Fox Sports Buzzer

Smallest penis contest, kids being pervs, Sheridyn Fisher and more!