I Just Watched These 16 People Hysterically Laughing Without Smiling And Now My Life Is Ruined



I don’t know why watching people laugh without smiling or moving their faces is so damn unsettling, but it really is.

This super-cut of people laughing without smiling (or moving their faces) is easily the weirdest thing I’ve watched in the month of October. And I know what you’re thinking to yourself: Cass, it’s only the first day of October, chill the fuck out. But to you I say this: watch this video and tell me that it didn’t cause you to contemplate some really weird shit, like why isn’t there a sci-fi movie based on an alien invasion where ultimately Mark Wahlberg’s farts are the weapon to which all alien life succumbs? You’d watch that, you know you would.

via Pleated-Jeans

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