Lays ‘Do Us a Flavor’ taste test

We’ve mentioned the new Lays flavors – Sriracha, Garlic Cheesy Bread, and Chicken & Waffles – but have yet to get our hands on them. We did managed to find a taste test video though, and one chip is described as having, “aftertaste of overwhelming sadness.”

OK, so that quote is technically about a chip dipped in chicken and waffle sauce, but it’s pretty catchy, right? Supertaster’s sentiments seem mirror those of the luck few I’ve talked to who have tried the new chips. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Sriracha lends itself perfectly as a flavor additive, whereas chicken sounds disgusting. Luckily for Lays and their “Do Us a Flavor” taste test, I’m an easily manipulated consumer, so you can be damn sure I’m getting all three flavors if/when I find them.