LG invented a fridge that tells you when you’re out of beer

The Consumer Electronics Show is happening as we speak, and with it comes all sorts of technological wonders and… well, kinda goofy stuff that’s still kind of neat anyway.


Like LG’s new fridge. It’s full of sensors that will tell you exactly what’s in the fridge, even when you’re at the store. Which admittedly is creepy. But useful!

Basically, the smart fridge works by being packed with sensors. As things are taken out of the fridge, like beer, it can track what’s removed, and remind you to pick up more beer on the way home. You log in by scanning your phone’s NFC chip with the handy reader.

Of course, if you own an iPhone, as of right now, you won’t be able to use this magic beer-tracking fridge. But presumably Apple is going get with the program with the next iteration of the iPhone, so you will soon be able to have a fridge that makes sure alcohol is never in short supply.

Now if it can capture that bastard thieving roommate, that’d be a nice bonus.

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