This is a woman who sells herself as a real-life mermaid

Under most circumstances, Linden Wolbert would be just an average woman with solid swimming skills. But in 2013, she’s a woman who performs as a “real-life mermaid.”

Vimeo/Linden Wolbert

Wolbert, 32, decided to pair a career as a model with a background in swimming — both of her parents were accomplished swimmers — to create a career for herself as the world’s only live performing mermaid.

Wolbert spent $15,000 on the silicone tail she uses at events. The tail weights 35 pounds and took seven months to create.

“The power of the tail is amazing,” Wolbert told The Sun. “I can go very fast.”

Wolbert is also able to freedive 100 feet and can hold her breath for up to five minutes, creating about as close of an experience to a mermaid as you can expect — without the fishy smell (hopefully).

If you want to book Wolbert, as celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake allegedly have, you can visit her site Mermaids in Motion for more info. Don’t be creepy.

Here’s a video if Wolbert showing off an early prototype of the suit. It’s an interesting one to watch.