Hear Axwell’s new single ‘Center of the Universe’ now

Axwell’s much anticipated single, Center of the Universe is being released today, and the DJ/producer partnered with Carlsberg for a unique audio-visual scavenger hunt to listen to the track early.


If you’re looking for an auditory adventure, go to WTP13, and start following the beat. It’s a unique interactive music video experience, which is PR talk for a choose your own adventure video. It kicks off Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party?” campaign, and I’d say it’s a damn good start. Axwell is all in for this song, with his website redirecting to the #followthebeat campaign page.

Booze and music partnerships happen all the time, but the most successful one I can think of was just last year when Swedish House Mafia teamed up with Absolut for “Greyhound.” It not only launched the vodka right back to the forefront of people’s mind, it was one of Swedish House Mafia’s biggest hits. They opened just about every show I saw/heard with “Greyhound,” so you know they loved it. Axwell is trying that technique again, only with Carlsberg beer instead.