Listen to Robin Thicke’s sex ballad ‘Take It Easy on Me’

The song “Blurred Lines” is so last month. Robin Thicke’s new song features fewer naked women but is just as sexually charged. Assuming you wearing a belt for uptucking, you can stream “Take It Easy On Me” right here.

The professionally outraged will certainly complain that lyrics like, “I want to tear through all your fancy clothes,” is rapey. Those people are idiots though. It’s all just part of Robin Thicke’s sexual revolution. He’s like the new Justin Timberlake, only now new.

Here’s my quote for Interscope – “Take It Easy On Me is a sexually charged hypnotic mega-jam.”

The new song doesn’t mean Blurred Lines is in anyway falling off the radar. You can actually now screencap you favorite part and have it put on a canvas. Naked chicks for everyone!