Loki is back in first ‘Thor: The Dark World’ trailer

The first trailer for Thor: The Dark World is out, and it looks like we’re all in trouble. Thor fought alongside the Avengers to defeat Loki last year, but now the Norse god will have to come crawling back to his brother for help.

The answer to the most pressing question is yes. Natalie Portman is back. She still has her hooks in Thor because it sounds like he’s willing to give up being a god to protect her. Don’t do it Hemsworth; she’s past her prime. Of course, he’s also trying to save the Nine Realms from a race of evil elves led by Malekith the Accursed, so maybe it’s just self-interest. One thing is for sure, Earth will survive this conflict if for no other reason than Marvel still has 28 more movies to make.