This is what it looks like when 2,000 teens throw a party at a mansion and cause $70,000 in damages

“I’m only having a few friends over,” are the words of how every massive house party begins. This gigantic mansion teen party was no exception and it only ended when police and SWAT teams were sent in to halt the festivities.


We take you to Brampton, Ontario where on Friday night there was a raucous soirée that went down at a mansion that was still under construction. The high school party was promoted on Twitter with the hashtag, #MansionParty. The word quickly spread and soon after there were 2,000 teens at the event in the Toronto suburb. Neighbors ruined the celebration by calling 911, to which police responded with 60 police units, including tactical officers and k-9 units. Once authorities arrived at the 5,000-square foot abode they broke up the shindig and made several arrests, mostly for underage drinking. Once the Natty Ice settled, it was revealed that there was an estimated $70,000 in damages on the extravagant home.

Meanwhile the Project X party planner’s mommy had told the lad that he “could have some friends over.” While 2,000 probably isn’t the “some” that the mother had in mind, the population of Ontario is about 14 million, so in that thinking, 2,000 would be “some” of the inhabitants of the Canadian province. Initial reports are surfacing that Rob Ford was not in attendance, but that has yet to be confirmed or denied.


Once the gigantic mansion was completely filled with exuberant teens, the uncool kids were stuck outside. They experience their first lesson in going to swanky nightclubs that only allow a certain stock of person inside their establishment.  


The police can stop the party, but they can’t stop this awkward kiss. Take your hands out of your pockets kid. Trust me.

Here’s the aftermath of the epic party. //