LSU and Iowa ate 5,000 pounds of food at Outback Steakhouse

How much food is too much food? The LSU and Iowa football teams came together at Outback Steakhouse to get an answer and HOLY CRAP, look at all the food they ate!


5,000 pounds? 160 Bloomin’ Onions?! Yep, I’m gonna need a few moments to digest and regurgitate that…



And I’m back.

Listen, I don’t want to call anyone fat, but yeah LSU and Iowa, you’re really, really fat. Like, super fat. Like, you have a VCR as a beeper fat. Like, your clothes have stretch marks fat. Like, they have to install speed bumps for you at the buffet fat.

I could literally go on all day telling fat jokes…but I won’t. But seriously, your blood type is O-reo.

Assuming 160 players for both teams, that’s roughly 30 pounds of food per player.

Starving kids in Africa or something dot OMG.

(via @JaredAarons)

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