Man arrested after 55 pounds of pot found in Pac-Man machine

Pac-Man enthralled people throughout the 80s. But his most impressive contribution to society in 2013 may be holding 55 pounds of pot in an arcade cabinet bearing his likeness.


Police arrested 40-year-old Luis Tyler after he was found with the arcade machine filled to the brim with marijuana.

Tyler was charged with trafficking marijuana when police discovered the machine’s contents.

His bond will be set at $75,000 which is probably not payable in Pac-Man points.

Fun fact: Pac-Man was created because creator Toru Iwatani wanted to make a game that appealed to what women want. And what do women want? Food.

“Most arcade videogames of the time were violent and focused on the male player, so the game-centers became places frequented mainly by men,” Iwatani told Eurogamer in 2010. “I was trying to come up with something to appeal to women and couples. When I imagined what women enjoy, the image of them eating cakes and desserts came to mind, so I used ‘eating’ as a keyword.

“When I did research with this keyword I came across the image of a pizza with a slice taken out of it and had that eureka moment. So I based the Pac-Man character design on that shape.”

Luis Tyler is not amused by this anecdote sidetrack.