Man arrested after multiple jars of penises found in his home

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Grab your junk in sympathy pain for this tale of “whoa!”

A 52-year-old Croatian man was arrested last week after authorities found jars of human penises soaking in formaldehyde throughout his apartment.

The man, now nicknamed “the penis collector” because Croatians aren’t stellar at nicknames, works as a registered nurse at a local hospital. The penis collector has no previous criminal record. He’s been described as “a family man” by those who knew him well but a few coworkers claim the man often showed up for shifts drunk.

“On behalf of all employees of the hospital, I have to say that we are very unpleasantly surprised by an event that threw a shadow over this hospital,” a hospital spokesperson said. “Our apologies to families of the deceased.”

And exactly how would those people know they’re loved one is missing a dong?

Authorities aren’t sure how the man got so many penises. I don’t think we care to know anyway.

If you’re interested in seeing a shelf full of dicks in a jar, here’s a photo of the man’s collection.

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